The Ultimate Guide To Year-round Lawncare In Georgia

At Oak Hill Lawn Services, we have many years of experience and a passion for making beautiful, healthy lawns. We’ve compiled some tips for the best way to care for your lawn year round in Georgia.


Your grass may be dormant during the winter season, but it still requires your help to make it through to the warmer months. Your lawn will still need about one inch of water per week and if nature isn’t providing that, it’s up to you. Dormant grass is more fragile than lush green grass, so tread carefully to keep your grass healthy.


Spring is when the hard work begins. Soil test your yard to find out what nutrients your grass may be missing and be sure you buy the right kind of fertilizer to fill those deficiencies. Hold off on aeration so you don’t inadvertently make a lovely new home for weeds to settle into, but do begin regular mowing. If you need to lay new sod, late spring or early summer is the perfect time.


Summer is the best time to aerate your lawn, but you may not need to do this frequently. Places like Atlanta tend to have sandy loam soil, which is already loose and allows for good water absorption and deep grass roots. Water your lawn during the morning, not at night, to prevent excess water from lingering and causing fungus that could kill your grass. The warmer months are also when you’ll notice some of our most common local pests, such as fire ants, white grubs, and beetles. Spray pesticides as needed to keep the bugs from destroying your grass.


Falling leaves can be the best thing for your lawn or the worst. If you allow them to pile up, they will suffocate your grass. However, if you mow your lawn as soon as the leaves start falling and continue to mow every week, those leaves will become free fall fertilizer your grass will love!

Achieving a beautiful lawn is a lot of work and requires year-round care. That’s why not every yard gets proper care and it shows. If you want a thriving, enviable yard without all the hassle, let our Oak Hill team of passionate lawn-care professionals do the work for you. Get your free quote today!