We all know what landscaping is, but you may not have heard the term “hardscape.” “Landscape” refers mainly to the trees, bushes, and flowers outside your home or business. “Hardscape” is the term used specifically for all the solid decoration that goes into making your front lawn, patio, or deck beautiful. That could include a stone walkway, a fence, a retaining wall, or any other non-living structure.

Landscaping takes experts to design the concept, arborists to choose the specific types of trees you’ll use and where to plant them, and so on. The hardscape requires engineering and construction to be put together flawlessly and beautifully. Each project in your landscape (and hardscape) should complement the entire end goal.

Even things that may seem simple on the surface require experts to make sure the job is done right. Take, for instance, a stone walkway. You can’t just dig some holes, plop some rocks in them, and move on. You’ll need someone to help you pick out the perfect type of stone that will complement the rest of your landscape, and install them so that they won’t ever budge, even in heavy storms or after being walked on for a decade. You’ll need help deciding whether you want everything to be the same size and whether it should cut in a straight line or wind a bit. You’ll need to make sure weeds don’t overtake the stones or move them, so they’re no longer level. There’s a lot more to consider than you may initially figure.

Other projects, you likely realize, are more complex. In some of those projects, you have to consider not only beauty but also safety. Stone kitchens, for example, have to be designed appropriately to abide by local ordinances. A wooden gazebo has to be suitably coated, so it doesn’t rot or get destroyed by bugs. It also has to be able to stand up to all the rain we get in Georgia.

Because of that rain, here in Buford, especially, your hardscape will have to include excellent drainage design. You don’t want the area to flood because there’s a poorly constructed retaining wall blocking water flow. If your hardscaping is done correctly, it can even help spread water to areas that might not have had as much access to it otherwise. For instance, you can design a layout that pushes water down a specific path, so not everything rushes quickly to the lowest elevation. Everything in your hardscape should make your life easier, as well as pleasant to look upon.

For the best hardscapers in the South, look no further than Oak Hill Lawn Services. We’re a part of the Buford community ourselves, and we want to elevate it as much as possible. The experts at Oak Hill will walk you through every step of your hardscaping process, so you know what to expect and can weigh in or ask questions at any time along the way. Call us today to find out some options for your home or business.