Your happy space begins the moment you pull into your driveway. From your front yard to the back, landscaping creates a tone for your home. What you create distinguishes your property from others in town and serves as the first impression to any who passes. Creating that impressive appearance takes more than just planting a few shrubs. With the right landscape design, you can also maximize the value of your property. Unlike décor that depreciates as they wear down, plants rise in value. As they grow more robust, the appeal dramatically increases.


Creating the right ambiance is a full-scale venture that should be viewed as an architectural design and construction project. Both the selection and placement of each plant is vital. Not to mention any pathways, fences, or other decorations you may want to include. A great landscape is designed by experts to accentuate the most beautiful features of your property. Those experts also have to take into account the climate they’re dealing with.

Landscapers also have to consider things like drainage. If someone installs certain new elements to an area without making the proper accommodations, water can flow out where it shouldn’t. That can flood parts of your lawn and kill plants that stay underwater for too long. However, a good drainage plan will ensure water flows evenly.


Anything you incorporate in your landscape will take maintenance. Maintaining a lush, manicured property requires frequent upkeep. Fall and Spring are the two most critical times for routine care. If you stick something in the ground and don’t ever check on it, you aren’t going to maintain the aesthetic you’ve envisioned. An overgrown landscape or one that’s cracking and falling apart can turn your curbside appeal into an eyesore.

Many people envision weed trimming and other pruning when they think of lawn care, but it’s much more extensive than that. Each step to that maintenance is critical for the health of the foliage you’ve chosen to include. Fertilizer is essential for maintaining healthy plants, freedom from weeds, and disease control. The key to the proper fertilization of your lawn comes down to timing, form, and amount. For example, fertilizing your lawn before the first frost will provide much-needed nutrients that can be absorbed and stored.


Maintaining optimal upkeep is critical to increasing your property’s value year after year. You want your grass, plants, and trees to grow tall without any hindrance. The experts at Oak Hill Lawn Services will test the soil around your property, interpret the results, and work with you to finalize a customized plan for your yard. That will affect the choices made in designing your landscape, as well as make maintenance a smooth ride.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Our customer service representatives are ready to take your calls and provide answers. We will work with you to optimize the condition and appearance of your yard. At Oak Hill Lawn Services, there is no facet of landscaping beyond our expertise. From minimal care to artistic design, we are here to serve your needs.