Spring is here, and, like it or not, your lawn is starting to plan your weekends for you. It’s time to try and get your mower to start, greet the mosquitoes, and make you wish you’d bought a condo with no yard. Or, you contact Oak Hill Lawn Services in Buford, Georgia, and let us handle the job for you.

Look, we know spring can be a hassle. It’s hard to maintain a yard you’re proud of. You spend a day breaking your back, and the lawn just never looks as good as you think it should. All you have to show for a back-breaking day is one less day on your weekend. You might even hire the kid from down the street to cut your yard. Sure, you saved your back, but it still doesn’t look right. Here’s the thing – would you hire the kid down the street to do your job? Of course not. Getting your grass shortened is not getting lawn care service. Like most other work, hiring a professional makes a visible difference. We both know you can spot the houses with professional service instantly. That’s why we created Oak Hill Lawn Services – we want to make that perfect lawn a reality.

At Oak Hill Lawn Services, lawn care is a bit of an obsession. I started this company because it is my passion, and I hire people who share that passion. We’re not interested in being the fastest or the biggest – we only want to be the best. That means giving you a gorgeous, healthy lawn, showing up when we promise to, and satisfying our customers and their families.

A good lawn is also an investment in your health and in your home. An attractive lawn can be just the nudge you need to get your family outdoors and start enjoying the warming weather. Studies show getting outside in nature fights depression and fatigue. It can also lower blood pressure. The list of benefits goes on and on. In short, getting your family outside is just plain good for them in mind, body, and spirit.

As to the investment part – good lawn care is as important as keeping a good roof and coat of paint on your house. Did you know professional landscaping can increase the value of your home by up to 12%? Think of it like getting your kitchen remodeled. We can do any new landscaping you wish done as well as maintain what you already have. If you can plant it, stack it, pour it, or build it for a lawn, then odds are our professionals can do it. Let’s put a pin in the wife’s magical Zen grotto for the moment and deal with the issue at hand – that rapidly growing lawn of yours.

At the end of the day, you bought a home with a lawn to enjoy it. We want to make that happen. It’s good for your family, it’s good for your home, and it’s good for you. It only takes a moment to contact us. I can tell you what the estimate will cost right now: nothing. Let an honest company with a passion for landscaping take care of your lawn and free you up to enjoy life. Hurry, though, that grass won’t wait.